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About Cassis

Cassis Red Hill is named after a quaint fishing village 'Cassis' in the South of France. The owners, Gina & Simon, lived near Aix-en-Provence with their two young boys back in 2015. Their days were spent hiking 'les calanques' along the Mediterranean and embracing the simplicity of French life. 



The quaint fishing village of Cassis in the South of France

The property on Arthur's Seat Road was purchased during the extended Victorian Covid lockdown of 2020 when the family was living at their Vineyard Farmhouse down the road, which they built more than 10 years ago. On their vineyard they grow Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir grapes. ​

​Cassis Red Hill was formerly a restaurant and private residence known as Artisan. Prior to that it was proudly owned by Lorraine and Sasha who ran the popular Poffs restaurant. The original owners have dropped by to see the metamorphosis or 'rebirth' of their original home and restaurant (graciously giving their approval). The roof line and floorplans of the original accommodation all remain the same but the interiors have been significantly modernised. The restaurant has also been converted into additional accommodation, with the property now housing five luxury villas all boasting the best views that Red Hill has to offer. ​

La Belle, Aix-en-Provence ... the family home

The interiors have been influenced by the owners time spent in France. They lived in a 17th Century farmhouse in the countryside where the rustic imperfections made the house so authentic and enjoyable. Their goal with Cassis Red Hill was to re-create this same instant sense of welcolmed calm. You could describe the paired back aesthetic as 'modern rustic'. There is true appreciation for the original architectural bones such as the ornate slate floors and raked timber ceilings). This character has been softened by the introduction of a gentle earthy colour palette and modernised with luxurious finishes and a polished attention to detail in the bathrooms, kitchenettes, lounges, bedding and decor. No expense has been spared on the modern comforts and quality finishes and fittings, but nothing has been wasted on cluttering the space to distract you from the mesmerising view over the neighbouring vineyard and countryside. 

The newly refurbished Cassis Red Hill villa interiors

Cassis Red Hill is a rare space where you feel instantly disarmed when you walk in the door... like visiting old friends. It is an opportunity to kick off your shoes, run a bath, unwind, connect with yourself and friends, overindulge, embrace nature and to be utterly immersed in the moment. Guests will appreciate the history of the property but also the modern refinements that elevate this wine country experience to a new level of modern rustic luxury. Acknowledgement also needs to be made of the incredibly talented local team that made this amazing project possible. The builders, interior designers, landscape architect, landscape designer, photographer, artisan suppliers ... just to name a few ... are all from the Mornington Peninsula. This has made the project such a bonding and rewarding experience.

La Cigale: The Cicada 


In Provence you will forever see the cicada embroidered on table clothes and sculpted into ceramic wall hangings. The people of Provence adopted the winged bug as their mascot dating back to the 1850's when the French poet Frederic Misteral founded the association 'Félibrige' to promote the provencal language and traditions. It is believed that they are a good luck charm like a four leaf clover. They also symbolise 're-birth' and new beginnings ... their metamorphosis is seen as a transmigration of the soul. La cigale are also understood to seize the moment and make the very most of life, as their lifespan in the outside world is so short. Therefore, we felt it appropiorate that the Cassis Red Hill logo aligns itself with the same philosophy of how a cicada lives its life and also what it represents. 

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